Trusted Operator, Change Instigator or Business Co-Creator

Dateline: April 8, 2016

Welcome to our Friday WRAP – one thought-provoking idea to think about over the weekend.

A recent blog published at by Martha Heller shared three patterns of how CIOs deliver value.  The article, Three Patterns of Successful IT Leaders, summarizes highlights of a study done by Deloitte Consultant Karen Mazer and listed these 3 roles for CIOs:

  1. Trusted operator- running operations
  2. Change instigator- driving change
  3. Business co-creator- creating a strategic vision

She continues,

When a new CEO joins the company and has changing priorities for IT, the CIO, along with the rest of the executive committee, should reassess their roles. Likewise, if you were hired to solve a specific set of problems, and you fixed them, it’s likely time to transition into a new leadership mode. “If you were hired to put out a fire and you’ve spent the first 12 months on operations, it may be time to pivot,” Mazer says.

Moving from trusted operator to change instigator is often the toughest change for CIOs, according to Mazer. “The most effective CIOs are situationally aware and have thought about pacing,” she says. “If you are going to push your role into a different space, you have to be careful about getting too far ahead of what your organization will accept.”

Which role is appropriate for your organization?  Which is the role you want to have?

That’s a WRAP!  Have a great weekend!


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