Data Around the Customer’s Job to be Done

Dateline: September 9, 2016

Welcome to our Friday WRAP – one thought-provoking idea to think about over the weekend.

We can know our customer much better than ever before with the data we have about them.  And we can use that data to create opportunities to delight our customers more than ever before.  Recently author Karen Dillon published a blog, that suggested successful innovation is about understanding the job to be done, rather than the product or service to offer.  In the blog, What Airbnb Understands About Customer’s “Jobs to be Done”, She suggests,

Too many companies focus on making their products better and better without ever understanding why customers make the choices they do. Customers don’t simply buy products or services. They “hire” them to do a job. That job is not just about function (having a nice bed to sleep in) but about creating the right set of experiences for customers. Those experiences have social and emotional components that may be even more powerful than the functional ones.

She continues,

So before you look for a disruptive strategy to create and launch a new product, make sure you understand what job prospective customers are looking to do — and who you are competing with. That is the foundation of successful innovation. If you nail that, the rest will fall in line.

What “job” does your customer want from you?  What data do you need (and do you have it?) to understand your customer at this level?

That’s a WRAP!  Have a fantastic weekend!

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