The 10 IT Principles That Have Stood the Test of Time

Dateline: January 5, 2018

Welcome to our Friday WRAP – one thought-provoking idea to think about over the weekend.

To start out the new year, we thought it would be interesting to think about how some things never change in the IT world.  A nice blog by CIO Magazine Columnist Bob Lewis reminds us that there are still some key principles that all IT strategic plans must follow.  In his column, 10 Old School IT Principles that Still Rule, he suggests,

  1.  It’s Never Just About How Good The Technology Is…or open source can provide the same advantages
  2. Good Information Security Starts With Good Physical Security…or it doesn’t have to be your locked room
  3. Know the Threats…or harden the assets. guard the perimeter, too
  4. Testing Software Means More Than Just Putting Code Into Production and Seeing What Happens…or move a lot of testing to the cloud
  5. Control Changes to the Production Environment…or a formal change control process
  6. Waterfall Ought to Work, but Agile Actually Does…or Scrum:informal back-and-forth between biz managers and programers only with a book of rules to follow
  7. Relationships Precede Process, and Relationships Outlive Transactions…or managing relationships with the rest of the business is a key part of everyone’s job
  8. Integrate, Because Interconnecting ‘Islands of Automation’ Takes A Lot of Stupid Out of Business Processes…or integrate with non-IT-driven SaaS solutions, too.
  9. IT Exists to Support the Business…or provide technology leadership
  10. It’s About Business Change, or Else What’s the Point?..or IT is the major driver of change throughout the business

How does your IT organization measure up on these well-worn paths? 

That’s a WRAP!  Welcome to 2018! Have a great weekend.

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