Digital Competency is Critical for Success in the Creative Economy

Forbes contributor, Steve Denning, recently interviewed Haydn Shaughnessy, co-author with Dr. Nick Vitalari of The Elastic Enterprise (mentioned earlier in this blog here).  

Denning suggests that:

The Elastic Enterprise is one of at least twenty-four books of a management canon that spells out the implications of coping with the emerging Creative Economy of the 21st Century. In effect, a paradigm shift in management is under way, involving not merely the application of new technology or a simple set of fixes or adjustments to hierarchical bureaucracy. It means basic change in the way people think, talk and act in the workplace. The books of the new management canon address deep changes in attitudes, values, habits and beliefs involved in the change.

Becoming more elastic is the approach Shaughnessy and Vitalari suggest for preparing your company for success in the Creative Economy.  Shaughnessy’s comments are insightful and actionable.  How do you get started being an elastic enterprise?  His response,

The first thing is you need is digital competency. I used to call it IT competency and I was focused on the IT function and the convergence of the IT function with the business function. But it’s much broader than that. You need people who think in a digital way, who think about solving problems in a computational way.

How can you increase the digital competency of your organization?

That’s a WRAP!  Have a nice weekend.

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