Steve Jobs on Doing Work You Love

Dateline: December 11, 2015 Welcome to our Friday WRAP – one thought-provoking idea to think about over the weekend. Steve Jobs was many have been many things, but one of his legacies was his leadership style.  Recently Inc. published an article by Minda Zetlin, coauthor of The Geek Gap, titled, "10 Best Lines Steve Jobs Used in a Presentation: Apple's iconic co-founder had an unmatched … [Read more...]

Work-Life Balance

Its the 'dog days' of summer and the fall is just around the corner.  Since the summer is usually a time of fun and more carefree days,  the fall signals time to buckle down and get serious once again.  But being serious doesn't mean all work and no fun.  Recently, Glassdoor published it's list of the top 25 tech companies for work-life balance. The top companies: SAS Institute National … [Read more...]