Organizing IT Better

Designing an IT organization to best meet the needs of your business is a never-ending task.  Just when you think you have the optimal design, factors such as changes in the business, new technologies, or new ways to work come along and mess up the success.  CIO Insight recently published a slideshow of the Nine Ways to Better Organize Your IT Department.  Their suggestions, based on IT consultant … [Read more...]

When IT Isn’t at the Table

Dateline: July  12, 2013 Welcome to our Friday WRAP – one thought-provoking idea to think about over the weekend. Why is there still a disconnect between what IT does and what the business wants?  According to the 2013 Cisco Global IT Impact Survey many IT organizations are not as aligned with their business partners as they expect to be.  Cisco's survey asked questions of 1,300 IT decision … [Read more...]