IT Organization Advisory Services

IT Organization ServicesKP Partners works with CIOs and their senior team to help manage new leadership, new challenges and organizations in transition. When IT organizations are not at their peek performance, they struggle to provide the right face to their business and their customer. When business needs change, the IT organization must also change. KP Partners offers services to both assess and redesign IT organizations.

A sample of our IT Organization Advisory Services includes:

  • A workshop/offsite for a CIO and his senior leadership team with customized sessions on building a high performance IT team, having difficult conversations, and managing/leading a transformation effort
  • An assessment for the CFO of a global IT organization after the departure of the long-term CIO to understand the IT operating plan, team, competencies, and processes and to design a roadmap for the future
  • A workshop for a CIO and his senior leadership team to evaluate the business impact of the IT systems and people on the operating units, and to facilitate the discussion of changes and new vision.


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